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HIPAA Compliance and WatchDox

GenoVive report distribution is powered by WatchDox, the industry leader in document security. The consequences of maintaining outdated technology drives up the cost of care and puts organizations at risk of violating industry regulations such as HIPAA. WatchDox by BlackBerry makes enterprises more mobile and collaborative, while reducing the risk, complexity and cost of sharing information across and beyond your organization. Available as a cloud service or on premise, WatchDox’s unique data-centric security architecture enables organizations to control synced and shared files wherever they go, on any device – even those beyond IT control. With full end-to-end document protection and tracking, WatchDox imparts the industry’s highest level of security while maintaining ease of use. Sensitive documents are encrypted with strong AES-256 at all times (at rest, in transit and in use) and remain controlled even after they have been accessed on mobile devices or shared with external parties.

WatchDox enables users to edit, annotate and collaborate with their files in one seamless, secure application. When content leaves a system, security restrictions travels with it. Only WatchDox delivers built-in content-modifying functionality to retain full visibility and jurisdiction.WatchDox provides optional, integrated digital rights management technology that can be turned on to allow document owners and administrators to remain in full control of files even after they are downloaded onto desktops or leave the shared workspace.

WatchDox can eliminate the stress and concerns around distributing time and HIPAA-sensitive information. With WatchDox, the use of fax and paper is removed. Instead, a shared workspace can be created for streamlined ongoing or instantaneous one-time collaboration. Information is always displayed in flawless visual fidelity, regardless of access device, to ensure accurate communication, as misinformation can lead to life-altering errors. Most importantly, WatchDox provides persistent protection of the data, always and only sharing files without question of adhering to HIPAA requirements. Failure to comply can result in upset patients (loss of future business) and fines from the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Civil Rights (financial penalties and loss of reputation). With WatchDox as the de facto platform for sharing information, healthcare organizations can rest assured that their information is always delivered in a secure, timely manner.

WatchDox Technical Support

Common Technical Problems

What are the minimum technology or device requirements to use WatchDox?
I am having trouble authenticating to the WatchDox web application
I was prompted to authenticate with my email address but the authentication email did not arrive
A “Link invalid” message is shown when I try to authenticate.
I should be permitted to access a file but I am presented a message that I do not have permission.
I am asked by the WatchDox for Windows plug-in to authenticate, although I am already authenticated in the WatchDox web interface
I am unable to print, copy, download or forward my document.
I am having general trouble with the WatchDox web interface.
I have a Mac and I am having trouble downloading or viewing my documents.
What types of controls can be applied to the documents?
How does one access WatchDox by BlackBerry protected documents?
Can WatchDox by BlackBerry file versions be tracked?
Can applications be integrated with WatchDox by BlackBerry?
Can I access WatchDox by BlackBerry documents offline?
Can a WatchDox by BlackBerry document be protected from screen capture?
What type of encryption does WatchDox by BlackBerry use?