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Individuals express great genetic variability in the way they process fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The proportion of these macronutrients in our daily diet plays a key role in maintaining healthy weight, optimal energy levels, and overall wellbeing.


DNA plays a large role in determining the ideal intensity and duration of exercise needed to maintain optimal weight, energy levels, and overall health. GenoVive provides fitness recommendations based on an individual’s genetic blueprint.


Our eating behavior results from a complex interaction of factors including genetics, past experience, and the present environment. The tendency to develop and maintain healthy eating habits varies greatly from person to person and genetics plays an important role.

New for personal trainers and fitness professionals!  A genetic test and report developed specifically for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The GenoVive Fitness Report focuses on achieving maximum performance based on an individual’s unique characteristics. What is the optimal diet, resistance training and cardio regimen for each individual?  This report also reveals genetic factors which affect behavior related to high performance.

GenoVive works closely with health and wellness professionals to make genetics part of their program. With GenoVive, coaches and trainers can easily access the scientific expertise and support they need to offer fully personalized solutions to their clients. In addition to standard, comprehensive reporting, GenoVive offers a full line of customized and private label options based on the needs of the professional.

GenoVive uses a system of proprietary algorithms to convert basic genetic data into sound, actionable nutritional and exercise programs. These algorithms were developed with the help of the top minds in the field nutritional genetics.

Personalized fitness and nutrition plans allow you to optimize your approach to each client. Genetic testing reveals details about how individuals respond to specific nutrients and exercise at a metabolic level. It also gives insights into psychological tendencies which affect health, such as susceptibility to adopting negative habits and the ability to exert willpower to accomplish goals.

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Genetically Tailored Nutrition and Exercise

Nutrigenetics is the scientific study of how genetic variation affects response to nutrients. This knowledge can be applied to optimize health with the goal of offering people personalized nutrition based on their genetic makeup. Perhaps the best news of all Is that people who are on the right diet for their metabolism will have more energy and feel better, whether they are working on losing weight or simply maintaining their current weight.

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