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When it comes to body image, we all have our own thoughts and views, both for ourselves and others. For women, I think it will always be slightly skewed, while men seem to have a generally higher sense of self confidence regarding it. Although, nowadays with media portraying what we all ‘should’ look like and what we are expected to be, self confidence issues is a rising thing in the male community. But, when it comes to maintaining a sensible image of yourself and your body, you just have to be honest with yourself.

Far too many people are overly harsh on themselves, comparing themselves to others and expecting more out of themselves, although there might be vast differences between you and whoever you might be comparing yourself to. After all, you can only do as much, but you still have to have confidence in your own self and your own abilities to accomplish what it is you set your mind to.

What I find that helps me is that I set goals, they might seem small at first, but step it up over time. After a few weeks, you start to notice how much you actually can do, and how you can extend your own limits. Well, what you thought were your own limits!

GenoVive DNA Diet New Orleans Body Image Psychological healthKeeping a good body image is just as important as having a strong mind, and keeping it exercised. Were you able to walk two miles last week? Make it three this one! Keep a steady eye on your clothing, that will be sure to help you keep both of your feet on the ground. Losing sight of what you are and what you can do is easily done, but something as simple as noticing how your clothing fits your body can be a great help.

That, and as tough as it might possibly be, listening to others and what they notice about you. As much as we know ourselves best most of the time, a friendly reminder from a loved one is a great reminder that you are right on track and that what you thought was, is just you being a bit harsh on yourself. You actually did far better than you thought, and expected!

The most important thing to listen to is your body. Your mind will tell you to stop before your body does, so do not let your brain trick you in to thinking that you are done, when you could keep on going. Your body knows you the best, and it is wiser than you would think. Stay attentive to yourself, because once you notice the changes, the right body image will follow. It might take time, but in the end, it will be well worth it.