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Exercise is a vital part of life; it helps keep the body healthy and active. There are many times, however, when your hectic routine does not allow you to get in a decent workout. Missing out on your daily dose of fitness can mess up your mental and physical health and as a result, you can start to feel depressed, stressed and even anxious.

Luckily, there is something you can do about this. You can use everyday activities to burn up your calories. Here’s how:

1. Clean Your House

Pick a day out of the week to clean your home and get down to business. Don’t leave a single spot. Clean every inch of those floors until they sparkle. Get down on your hands and knees if you have to. Mop the floors, dust the ceiling, and scrub the kitchen sink and everything in the bathroom. Intense cleaning that makes you sweat should be enough to burn a minimum of 330 calories per hour. You can take breaks in between but make sure they are short (90 seconds just to catch your breath).

2. Grocery Shopping

An hour of pushing your grocery cart around the supermarket should help you burn 243 calories. Take your time getting to know the different aisles as you push our cart along. Also, try and bag your own groceries, push your cart out to your car in the parking lot, load your vehicle with your grocery bags and walk the cart back too. Once you get home, make two trips if you have to from your car to your kitchen. It adds to calories burned!

3. Do Your Own Gardening

You can mow your lawn and burn up to 334 calories if you do it for an hour. Raking the leaves can burn 300 calories per hour. But make sure you do it properly. Spread your legs and put your back into it. Simply tending to your garden, pruning, and watering your plants can help you lose about 334 calories. And you can show a little generosity to your neighbors by doing their yard. If you do this neighborly act of kindness, you can burn twice as many calories.

4. Take a Stroll

If you work long hours, use your lunch break to take a stroll. Try heading to the park if you can. Otherwise walk through the office and take the stairs. You can start all the way from the topmost floor and walk down and back up again. If you can, sneak in a walk on our way home. Or play with the kids out in the yard.

There are many things you do every day that could help you lose a couple of pounds. All you need is a little bit of intensity and determination.