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Victor Castellon, CEO and founder of GenoVive

CEO’s Story of founding GenoVive

As a 50-year resident of New Orleans, I gained more than 95lbs over 3 years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Wanting to lose weight as efficiently as possible, I began looking at research regarding genetic variants and tested my own DNA against the research. I then hired a chef to create meals that would optimize my genetic variants.

GenoVive was born from my own experience with managing a healthy weight, and after years of refining the research and substantial testing and product development, we’ve created an optimal program that empowers people to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.


About GenoVive

Founded in 2008, GenoVive, a pioneer in the emerging fields of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics introduced the first comprehensive personalized weight management solution based on genetics sciences.

GenoVive represents a ground breaking new approach to long term weight management solution based on science that uses your unique DNA to develop customized meal and exercise programs, featuring ideal combinations of macronutrients to deliver you the most effective results. GenoVive empowers you to make lasting healthy lifestyle choices.

GenoVive is pursuing the most innovative and promising research projects for continuing validation of the emerging field of nutrigenomics. We translate the published science into actionable solutions and explore ways to expend its research efforts to accelerate the development of new innovative products.


GenoVive is dedicated to leveraging current scientific breakthroughs and delving into the emerging advances of nutritional science and personalized health to bring the best possible solution to the Americans who are experiencing weight management difficulties.

***Nutrition and Fitness Programs Offered Exclusively through Licensed Healthcare Professionals Only***