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Most diets instruct you to avoid fried food. But what happens when you crave it and you can’t kick the craving? Is eating it in moderation okay? Just a fry every once and a while? You may or may not like the answer, depending on who you ask. Of course, we suggest you look at your DNA and see what your body wants, although here’s a general guideline. 

Fried food is unhealthy if eaten in excess. Fats, if eaten in moderation, are a requirement for a healthy diet. Foods like French fries and onion rings have very little nutritional value and more fat than necessary, although a bit of butter on toast or a slice of cheese in a sandwich probably won’t hurt you if you eat healthily the rest of the day.

It’s All in the Fat 

For the most part, fat is an important part of your diet. However, not all fats are created equally. For instance, trans-fats and saturated fats are the worst while fats from fish, like omega-3 fatty acids are the best for you.

Moderation is important. So, try to keep your cravings in check and prevent yourself from going overboard. If you’re going to order a pizza, order extra veggies on it, and plan to share. Alternatively if you’re alone, put three-quarters of it away before you eat to help you prevent over-eating.

Similarly, if you’re getting your fats from oils, be sure to use healthier oils.

Pure olive oil is the healthiest option of oil along with peanut oil, though they may impart a certain flavor that may not be desirable or go with some dishes. In that case, if you aren’t averse to using chemically extracted oils, you can always use soybean, safflower, and sunflower oils. These are the safer options of oils, and they are much cheaper and relatively more affordable than pure olive oil.

Getting the Frying Right

 If you do wish to eat deep fried food, you got to keep a few tips in mind. The oil should be heated to a perfect temperature. If the oil is smoking, it’s too hot and it will burn your dish. However, if it’s not hot enough, the oil will be absorbed into the food which will make it less healthy.

Make sure you use an oil that is good for your body. Whether your DNA shows that olive or peanut oil is preferred, shop smart.

If you are going to be deep fry your food, you may find it a bit expensive. To help decrease the costs, you can re-use the oil to sauté or fry other foods. To keep the oil for another time, strain the solids from it and refrigerate.

Be sure to put away your oil if it isn’t in use. Heat and light cause oil to spoil and become rancid which makes it a very unhealthy option and will go against your diet.