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Why DNA Test?

Most weight loss companies customize their programs only the most basic personal information such as height, weight, and gender. GenoVive takes customization much further by using DNA testing to design the best diet for your patient’s unique metabolism. Our genetic code determines all of our body’s characteristics, including the way our body metabolizes food and responds to exercise. Knowing our genetic predispositions is the key to an effective customized weight loss program. That’s why understanding our individual genetic variations is essential to choosing the best foods and types of physical activity that our body needs.

The DNA test provides details about how our body processes fats and carbohydrates and how it responds to physical activity. Some variants indicate decreased carbohydrate metabolism, while others identify individuals who are more likely to have issues with dietary fat. Other variants may indicate that some individuals require a higher intensity of physical activity to shed resistant belly fat. The GenoVive Nutrition and Fitness Genetic Profile Report provide insight into your patient’s individual SNPs and how their meal and exercise program is designed to work with their DNA.

The GenoVive Nutrition and Fitness Genetic Test provides the key to unlocking personal weight loss solution. Our DNA helps design personalized nutrition program to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight as part of a healthier lifestyle. It’s our DNA that makes our body different. Once your patients understand how their body works, they will be empowered for success!