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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Who can order a GenoVive Weight Management DNA Test?

A: GenoVive offers its services exclusively through health care professionals such as dietitians and physicians. If your health care provider does not currently offer GenoVive’s test, and you like us to send them additional information on our services, please use our Contact Us page to give us their contact information.  At this time, due to individual state laboratory certification regulations, residents of the state of New York may not order GenoVive at this time. GenoVive is currently working on the process in order to get New York state certification to conduct DNA testing in our lab.

Q: Will GenoVive's DNA test give me any information about diseases, health conditions or paternity?

A: No. GenoVive’s DNA test was designed for weight loss and weight management information purposes only. It will not give you any other personal information. Your Weight Management Genetic Profile report will contain information on the genes that were tested and your indivdual genetic varatiations.

Q: How is the DNA collected - will I have to give blood?

A: No, collecting your DNA is quick, easy and painless. It’s a simple cotton swab that you use to collect some cheek cells from the inside of your mouth. For a complete set of instructions on how to use your GenoVive DNA Test Kit, please click here.

Q: What if something happens to my cheek swab before I put it back in the sealed envelope?

A: Depending on what specifically occurred, we should still be able to use your sample to get DNA. If you dropped your completed swab on a clean dry surface, it should be fine. If you dropped your swab onto a wet or dusty surface, then it may not work. If this happens, you may contact customer service and we will send you a new DNA test kit. If after receiving your completed cheek swab kit, our lab is unable to obtain a valid DNA sample from it, we will notify you via email and send you a new DNA test kit.

Q: What happens to my DNA after GenoVive's lab is finished the analysis?

A: Depending on the option you specified when you placed your order for your DNA test kit, your sample will either be destroyed according to HIPAA guidelines or GenoVive will keep your sample stored and secure so that it can be reanalyzed in the event that new products become available which need to examine SNPs that are not currently being used.

Q: Do I have to exercise?

A: Exercise is recommended at a level we suggest based on your DNA test results and exercise will help ensure your best results. Exercise is an important factor in your weight loss success. For concerns about your health or physical limitations, please consult your physician before starting the exercise program. Do not attempt to do a particular exercise if you feel you are physicially unable to do so.