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Society has created a very specific standard on what defines beauty. Media pressure and different demands from today’s culture have lead many people to shed the pounds for the wrong reasons. They are usually searching for a way to look healthy, instead of reaching overall health. To do this they will usually turn to a trend (or fad) diet to reduce their calories by a substantial amount. It’s natural for those wanting to lose weight to want to lose it quickly. In the short term this may not be too detrimental, but as a regular practice it could cause health concerns.

To improve overall health, it’s important that you take a look at your lifestyle choices with a keen eye. As you identify some key elements and modify them, positive transformations will start to take shape; one of them being weight loss.

Losing that extra weight around your waist can have many healthy benefits. The Center for Disease Control states “no matter what your weight loss goal is, even a modest weight loss, such as 5-10 percent of your total body weight, is likely to produce health benefits such as improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugars”.

Seeing your weight loss as a journey, not a road trip is the first step to getting healthy.

 Envision the results, even if the goal seems lofty at the time. Any, and all, weight loss can reduce your risk of chronic disease related to obesity.

Learning new lifestyle habits that you can maintain and implement long-term will improve your health. Some of these habits include exercise, eating a well-balanced diet including fruits and vegetables, reducing portion sizes, and increasing your physical activity (such as taking the stairs versus the elevator up to that second floor) will allow you to keep the weight off.

After a bit of study, you will probably find that you will accomplish more if you focus on healthy weight loss goals versus trying the latest fad diet. Many people find they can lose weight quickly; but, they gain it back just as fast without a clear path. It becomes a lifelong roller coaster ride for them. If you establish healthy habits, you can easily maintain the results and improve your overall health.

The National Weight Control Registry tracked over 10,000 individuals who lost significant amounts of weight and kept it off for long periods of time and have published their research.

When you improve your overall health you are more likely to have a better quality of life. Isn’t that what you really want?