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Males and females, Mars and Venus. Short, tall, “thin boned”, “thick boned”. Emotional or logical creatures? There are articles everywhere about how different we are. Sometimes these articles refer to our race, ethnicity, generation, body type, love language….almost any other difference you can find.

 “We are all built differently. Some guys are more powerful. Some guys are very tall. I’m not very tall, so I rely on quickness.”  –Henrik Lundqvist

 Our athletes tend to understand that because our bodies are different we must act differently, using different strengths to reach peak performance and health. A woman going through pregnancy notices her body’s need for change.

It’s true that we all have different nutritional needs, which may change as our seasons in life change, therefore we need to understand our individual bodies.

This is why we use each person’s individual DNA to determine their metabolism type and provide a comprehensive weight management genetic test report. Our program uses your specific DNA to provide you a meal and exercise plan that works for you and your body. This allows a safe, healthy way to reduce or maintain your weight, and more importantly your health. When you follow a healthy plan, you reduce the risk of obesity related diseases and other diseases caused by what we eat.

Our Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of experts from multiple medical disciplines including Nutrigenomics, Genetics, Food Science, Biochemistry, and Exercise Physiology. This allows us to provide actionable solutions to support our goal of providing individualized nutrition plans. GenoVive is the first comprehensive weight management program that combines DNA science and personalized nutrition.

Because we are all built differently. Treat your body like an individual because it is!