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PokeballFor the past 20 years, Pokémon has been ahead of the heard in the gaming industry. Until recently the game was limited to catching, training, trading and battling Pokémon’s on your Nintendo. Recently, Niantic partnered with The Pokémon Company and Nintendo and launched Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go’s “augmented reality” uses the magical world of Pokémon to get people out of their houses and exercising. The general goal of the game is to catch as many different kinds of Pokémon, also known as pocket monsters, as possible.


Pokémon Go has been an instant success among all age ranges. Players use their Smartphone’s to walk around their city in search of Pokémon’s. The game has created a new social community of users entranced by this “augmented reality”. It’s very likely you’ve already spotted some of these gamers with Smartphone’s in hand, chasing imaginary critters. Players are joining together by reaching out to others to find out where they can catch their next Pokémon.  In addition to the social aspects, the game has also proven several health benefits. It is taking people out of their normal comfort zones and getting them to go out and interact with others.


The Added Health Benefits of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go encourages people to displace the hours usually spent on the sofa by getting up and active. The built-in incentives get players to walk extra kilometers at a time to gain rewards. Some gamers are already saying that they feel more motivated to get in physical activity with this game than the average activity trackers. The activity company Jawbone says the average player’s step count has nearly doubled since the game’s July 6th release. This probably has something to do with the game’s rewards features. Other added health benefits include increased energy and blood flow resulting in increased mood and confidence. Pokémon Go tricks it’s users into getting exercise in without even realizing it. It is much easier to get someone to walk a mile, or two, if they have a goal in mind.


Potential Dangers

Pokémon Go is not all fun and games. With eyes glued to their Smartphone’s it’s no wonder there have been several reports of users suffering injuries while playing this game. The most common injuries include walking into trees, twisting ankles and mishaps with revolving doors. This game has caused pedestrians to be struck, car accidents and robberies.


We encourage Pokémon Go players to be aware of their surroundings, look both ways before crossing the street, play with friends, and do not play while driving.

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