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GenoVive Professional Solutions Partnership Program

As the first comprehensive weight management program combining DNA science and personalized nutrition, GenoVive offers its services to professionals who wish their clients to benefit from the latest advances in genetics-based personalized nutrition and fitness.

As a GenoVive Professional Healthcare Partner, your patients will receive all the benefits of the GenoVive program:

  • The DNA Test Kit
  • The GenoVive Nutrition and Fitness Genetic Profile Report. Included in the report are genetic markers relevant to a person’s eating behavior and food preferences.
  • A multi-level exercise program that’s also customized to their ideal amount of exercise based on their genotype

As a GenoVive Professional Solutions Affiliate, you will receive:

  • DNA kits and marketing materials
  • The GenoVive Nutrition and Fitness Genetic Profile Reports for your patients through a HIPAA compliant portal powered with Sharefile by Citrix
  • A new potential clientele stream for your practice

We look forward to working with you to help your members make lasting healthy lifestyle changes through weight loss with GenoVive.

*** Fitness and Nutrition Plans Offered Exclusively Through Licensed Healthcare Professionals Only ***